Founded by a couple out of Logan, UT, Malouf Sleep brings upscale bedding to regular people at affordable prices. Sam and Kacie Malouf lived in a two-bedroom apartment when they realized that they couldn’t find high-end sheets without breaking the bank. But through sustainable practices, environmentally responsible sourcing, and an innovative work culture, the Maloufs have revolutionized the production process of their sheets.

Grounded by a belief that the time spent sleeping well can provide a foundation for general well-being, their products are never divorced from their mission: to offer an affordable yet luxurious sleep experience. Malouf sheets are one of a kind, have received numerous awards for their design and philanthropy, and are constructed with high grade materials whose harvesting leaves as little impact on the environment as possible.

When you buy Malouf sheets, you are supporting a cause, and you can be sure that you’re not giving your money to people who don’t take care of their employees. Malouf Sleep’s headquarters is a culture-oriented space that is leading the industry in sustainable practices. The company has constructed and brought to life an on-site garden, where Malouf’s private chef goes to pluck fresh ingredients to provide lunch to its employees. When the garden does not supply a particular ingredient, the chef turns to community gardens and markets to source it, ensuring that employees are living the healthy lifestyle they promote through their products. The headquarters are also home to several electric car charging stations to promote an oil-free commute. Recently, Malouf Sleep headquarters installed and engaged a solar panel system on the building’s roof, with the goal to decrease its environmental impact by at least 80 percent. All these efforts demonstrate Malouf’s commitment to a sustainable culture.


But the Malouf magic doesn’t stop at its headquarters: the company’s care reaches beyond its own employees, touching the lives of people bearing the burden of cancer. In 2014, the company devised a program to deliver care packages to folks diagnosed with breast cancer in Malouf’s local community. Malouf Comfort Kits is the brainchild of Marketing Communications Manager Jake Neely and Co-founder Sam Malouf. The two wanted to offer every member of their community that was diagnosed with breast cancer with a comfort kit, which included a pillow and a note handwritten by a member of the Malouf team. Neely and Malouf then went out into local businesses to arrange the adding of blankets, socks, gift cards, and even jewelry into these care packages, which were brought to their local mammography clinic. The care packages were so well received that the project expanded, eventually reaching about 1,500 people living with breast cancer. This project is still ongoing, and you can request a Malouf Comfort Kit on their website. While today their core goal is to offer every single person diagnosed with breast cancer in Utah with a kit, they intend on expanding, and would be happy to send a package to people outside the state as well. Purchasing Malouf sheets further aids them in this mission, providing the company with the resources to expand the project to the entire United States.

Malouf has received several awards, both for their high-end design and their corporate culture. Just last year they received the 2015 Green Business Award for Corporate Excellence from Utah Business Magazine, the only source of business news that reaches the entire state. The bedroom accessories industry is usually not one that stands out for green business practices, but Malouf Sleep believes that their task is actually streamlined and made more comfortable for employees when attention is paid to conservation. They were also awarded with the American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA, for the packaging of one of their products. The packaging itself demonstrates its contents, made by the same material that the Malouf sheets inside are made from. This offers consumers a clear idea of what they’re buying as they’re shopping. This mark of transparency and honesty speaks for the company’s concern for their customers, as well as for their eye on industry innovation.

While of course sustainability and award-winning is important to a lot of folks looking for the perfect sheets to suit their needs, quality is crucial. You may be thinking, “Sure, all that work they do is great, but what are the best sheets to sleep on?” Let’s take a look at the engineering of their sheets. Made from fibers that naturally wick moisture away, Malouf bamboo sheets manage your body temperature to ensure a neutral sleep environment. Its fibers are also hypoallergenic, which offer folks with sensitive skin and allergies a restful sleep. Bamboo’s silky feel competes with the best of Egyptian cotton, but does not cost as much to produce, which offers you luxury at a low price. Finally, bamboo itself grows astronomically faster than any other textile used to produce sheets, sometimes growing as much as three feet in a day. When you sleep on Malouf sheets, you can rest easy knowing bamboo is shooting up as quickly as it is reaped at harvesting sites.