How to Care for Bamboo Sheets

Eco-friendly products are all the rage, especially bamboo, a fast-growing, sustainable resource. Bamboo fabrics are super soft, and when you use bamboo sheets, you won’t want to go back to cotton. Bamboo fabrics require some special care. Don’t throw them in the wash with jeans and towels. Bamboo fabrics will pill or shrink, and you will end up dissatisfied. Don’t do that – read the care instructions on your fabric’s tab and follow the steps in this infographic.

Bamboo Care


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Caring for Bamboo Fabrics

Rayon from bamboo is some of the softest fabric in the world, comparable to silk and cashmere without the slippery finish. And like silk and cashmere bamboo fabrics must be cared for in a specific way.

In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission stated that fabrics made from bamboo could not retain the antibacterial properties inherent in bamboo. However, there have since been peer-reviewed studies that show that bamboo fabrics do retain some anti-microbial properties after processing.


Avoid washing your bamboo fabrics with rough fabrics, as they can be damaging.

ALWAYS read the care label on your fabrics before washing.

Bamboo fabrics are sensitive to chemicals, so avoid bleach, fabric softener, and any products with a hydrogen peroxide base.

Use 1/4 -1/2 cup of vinegar or baking soda in the wash cycle – every other wash – instead of fabric softener.

Use soap made specifically for natural fibers or one that is eco-friendly – it should have a neutral pH.

Use chlorine-free stain remover or vinegar and water to tackle stains.

Wash in cold or warm water. Hot water will cause the fabric to shrink or pill.

Fabric may be stiff when pulled out of the washer – this is normal; it will soften in the dryer.


Line dry your bamboo-based fabrics whenever possible. If line drying is not an option, use low heat, cool, or air-dry settings on your dryer.

DO NOT use dryer sheets or balls. They can ruin the fabric.

Remove your bamboo-based fabrics from the dryer immediately to avoid wrinkles.

Bamboo fabrics can be ironed, but keep the heat setting low (<110 degrees Celsius).

Links to the peer-reviewed studies: