A restful night’s sleep is crucial to a person’s health and happiness. And so reflect upon these three questions: Each night as you lay down, do you have the space needed to stretch out, and assume the most comfortable position? Do those you may share a bed with (a snoring partner, a purring cat, or a playful child) also have their fair share of needed space? And does your bedroom feel like an oasis; is it a special retreat you look forward to visiting? If you have said “no” to one or more of the questions above, you may seriously consider investing in a California King sized bed.

California King beds are 72 inches wide by 84 inches long, and so are the longest beds available on the market. For reference, the dimensions of a standard king sized bed is 76 inches wide, but only 80 inches long. Typically then, the California King beds are best for people who like to stretch out, or are over six feet tall, or in general want a sleeping space that feels more luxurious. Because of the non-traditional mattress dimensions, not just any sized sheets will do. Even standard king sized sheets will slip off corners and bunch up, causing you to lay in a messy bed; have a constant need to make the bed; or even go so far as to purchase additional products, such as mattress sheet clips. Therefore, if you are to invest in this sized bed, it is important to have California King fitted sheets. At Bamboo Sheets Etc, we have a luxurious selection of California King bamboo sheets for your most restful night’s sleep yet.

But which brand of sheets should you select? To save yourself time making the bed, money by avoiding the purchase of additional bedding products, and still obtain a very high quality product, the Malouf Bamboo Sheets are your answer. This particular brand is a wonderful bedding choice. These sheets have earned an average of 4.6 stars across multiple sources. Reviewers rave about the brand, and the fabric, fit and feel. Here are just a few of the fabulous praises: “Slept with these sheets last night for the first time and I am 100% sold on them – I do believe they will turn me into a sheet snob quicklyThese are without a doubt the best bamboo sheets on the market todayThese sheets are a very substantial weight and incredibly soft. While they are very soft there is also a crispness to the themThese are in a whole different class of sheets.

MA25QQ_BS_-Bamboo-Sheets-New-118-WB1456768105_originalThe Malouf sheet design will only add to the sense of well being your California King bed has created. These sheets are made of Rayon, a material derived from bamboo fibers. Rayon has a porous composition, which means the fabric can better regulate temperature as it wicks moisture away from the source (i.e. your body). This material is also more breathable when compared to other fabrics on the market–even more so than cotton. For instance, while very comfortable, memory foam toppers and mattresses retain heat. To ensure you get the benefit of such material, without the excessive temperatures, use bamboo sheets. Furthermore, bamboo sheets are a very smooth fabric, so it helps retain a pressed, unwrinkled appearance, but feels extremely soft. Some even describe it as silky. Ultimately, when you buy Malouf sheets, you are purchasing a sturdy, nicely weighted fabric that has a lower thread count, but because of the material composition, feels as silky and soft as the highest end thread count sheets available. And a further benefit is that bamboo is typically a great option for people with sensitive skin.

Also, the Malouf brand is a great choice because they have designed sheets that include a “universal fit.” A fully-elasticized fitted sheet is sewn with deep corner pockets, proven to stay securely fitted on mattress depths of 6 to 22 inches. The fitted sheets for the California King bedding is the expected 72 by 84 inches, so you do not have to force a standard king to fit. This bedding also comes with a larger flat sheet and generous pillowcases, to further match the size of your bed. Slipping into a bed that is well made without excess of material is highly beneficial to a restful sleep.

Sleep_womanConsistent sleep is critical to a person’s health. Many studies prove that uninterrupted sleep promotes higher energy levels, greater ability to concentrate, better immunity to colds and disease, reduced stress, clarity of mind, and weight control. When you rest, and specifically enter Rapid Eye Movement (REM Sleep) your mind is able to process memories, emotions and situations that left unacknowledged by a sleeping brain will be problematic during your waking hours. So as you consider what is best for your body and mind, ensure that not only is your chosen mattress the best, but that the sheets you lay between provide a deep sense of relaxation.