It only takes one look at a list of BedVoyage bamboo sheets reviews to realize that if you’ve been buying cotton sheets, it’s definitely time for a change over to bamboo sheets. Of course, there’s many reasons to choose bamboo sheets, and there’s many reasons to choose BedVoyage bamboo sheets, and the BedVoyage review that you just read is just one of those reasons.

When you look into how the folks at BedVoyage stay involved in every step of the process of producing their bamboo sheets and bedding products, you realize that they actually care about how what they produce effects not only their customers, but also the people that produce their products and the land that the raw material for their products is grown on. That’s a lot of caring for one company, and unusual in today’s profit driven world. Because the raw material used to make their bedding products is native to China, It made sense to the have their products produced there. That said, they made sure that the factory they use meets their social responsibility standards as well as their ecological standards. The factory they use has passed the Social Responsibility Audit and has earned the Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles certification.

Because the folks at BedVoyage are so stringent in their eco responsibility, and social responsibility, you might be wondering how they are on price. As it happens, we here at Bamboo Sheets Etc. have chosen BedVoyage as one of our suppliers, because not only do they have superior products, they are also one of the most affordably priced suppliers of bamboo bedding in the market. In addition to their commitment to producing their product in a way that benefits everyone from the growers to the consumers and benefits the planet as well, the folks at BedVoyage have looked at every aspect of their product line to make sure that they can sell it to you at a reasonable price without having to cut anyone short in the production line. In the end though, while all of these elements of your BedVoyage bamboo sheets are going to make you feel good about your purchase, the important thing is how good will your sheets feel when you’re sleeping in them, and how much of a pain will it be to take care of them and keep them clean?

The good news right off the bat is that keeping these fabulous bamboo sheets clean is as easy as throwing them in a cold or at most warm washer, and then drying them on medium heat. Even keeping them clean will take less energy and be easier on the environment. However, let’s get back to the softness and sleep ability of these amazing sheets. You’ll find that your awesomely beautiful bamboo sheets from BedVoyage, are not only amazingly soft and comfortable, but they also help keep you warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and are smell and mildew resistant, as well as helpful when it comes to wicking away moisture, giving you an incredible night’s sleep every time.