Do you find that you get overheated in sleep, that you’re sweating too much to make it through the night? Or perhaps you’re too cold, or maybe, it’s that terrible back-and-forth, that your temperature just won’t stay regular. If you’re sleeping on polyester or cotton-poly blend sheets, chances are your skin isn’t getting the airflow it needs to provide comfortable sleep. If you’re sleeping on cotton sheets and there is a chill in the night, you might never feel warm.

A comfortable, restful sleep. We all need it, and some of us just can’t figure out how to get it. Is it my mattress, you ask? Is it too noisy, or too quiet in the bedroom? What if it’s something else entirely, something that might not occur to us? What if we are sleeping on the wrong bed sheets?

Here’s where you need to step back and look for a bed sheet that will fit all your needs. A fiber that has been around for a very long time, but is just gaining popularity here in the United States. A fiber that is more environmentally friendly than cotton, a fiber that is stronger and longer-lasting, with the softness of silk and the breathability unlike anything you’ve ever felt. What is this magical stuff? It’s bamboo!

Why Choose Bamboo?

Bamboo, a giant, woody grass that is native to tropical areas, has been used by humans for as long as we have been harvesting from the world around us. It grows quickly, and densely, in many places in the world. Bamboo is often considered to be an invasive species, however, which can be detrimental to the delicate ecosystems of many places. Because it grows quickly with little help, it is often helpful to ecosystems to harvest and find ways to use it.


To cultivate bamboo, there is no need to deforest lands, or to waste resources on its production. Plus, the land is being cleared to make room for what can be regrown there naturally. Unlike cotton, a plant that is heavily water-dependent and often grown outside of wet, tropical areas, bamboo is arguably more environmentally friendly. Because cotton has been used frequently to make many textiles, paper, and even money here in the United States and all over the world, it is incredibly sought after as a textile. GMOs and fertilizers are used to keep the cotton growing, and who can relax with that on their mind?

water-366657_960_720One of the greatest benefits of bamboo bedsheets is the fact that bamboo really does resist moisture absorption. The fibers in the sheets are wide enough, not tightly woven as in cotton sheets, for air to pass through. This makes a lot of sense, when you think about it. We are always talking about the thread count of cotton sheets, and have come to insist that high thread count is synonymous with comfort and softness.

With bamboo, there is no need for thread count, as it is naturally soft, You can count on the fact that your body will get the breeze it needs on a warm night. And on a cool night, air still needs to move around your body. We might be tempted to bury ourselves in blankets, which can in turn cause us to sweat and grow even colder as regular cotton sheets soak up moisture and chill us to the bone. But that won’t happen with bamboo! Such a simple fabric, and such a world of difference it makes.

The plant itself has been used for centuries, and when we think of bamboo, we often think of the calmness of a lush, green forest. It has been used to make clothing, paper, and to build homes, and it has been gaining popularity as the world is finding out how beautiful bamboo textiles can be. Its antibacterial nature, referred to by the Japanese as kun, a bio-agent that resists bacterial growth in the fiber, ensures that bamboo bedding will continue smelling fresher for longer than other fabrics.

Realistically, we don’t get the opportunity to sleep on freshly cleaned sheets every day, but bamboo bed sheets will have you feeling like you’re sleeping in the freshest forest every night! Because of this property, bamboo is also hypoallergenic, which is more popular these days as sensitivities to toxins are affecting us more frequently.

Clothing and garments made from bamboo have been gaining popularity in the western world for some time. A soft, effortless rayon is made from this material. Beautiful Hawaiian shirts, and light, airy dresses that bring to mind the ease and warmth of a summer night. Now, it’s time to take the breezy benefits of bamboo to the bedroom.

p-5581-SheetPlat__39244-600x600The incredible smoothness of cashmere, combined with the beautiful sheen of silk has this material looking quite luxurious and expensive, while effortless and comfortable. The elegant lightness and drape of the fabric is beautiful when worn on the body, and just as beautiful to sleep in. It holds both natural and synthetic dyes better than do most other textiles, so creating garments and bedding from the fabric means adding bright and beautiful color statements in your wardrobe and home. Think of bamboo bedding as a still very special, well kept secret that’s dying to get out. Luxuriant, easy, and beautiful, bamboo should be a part of everyone’s home.