25 Unique Items Made From Wood

Wood is super cool and has been used for a plethora of different things throughout time. I want to show you 25 different items that are made from wood and they tend to give off a huge hipster vibe… so be prepared! They are awesome and you need to see what amazing things can be created from wood. Enjoy!

Argus C3 Vintage Camera


Enjoy the simple wonders of an amazing vintage camera from ILOTT. The Argus C3 in Mahogany will leave you in awe with it’s color film capabilities and sweet design.



13″ Macbook Pro Retina Case


Set aside the typical laptop case and go with this modern Bamboo case from Silva, LTD. The inside is lined with black wool to help protect the aluminum shell of your Macbook Pro — all while keeping you in style.

Canby Shades in ‘Walnut & Tortoise Acetate’ – Shwood

Shwood eyewear is literally the bomb and this pair of Canby style sunglasses are sure to get you some looks! Made with Walnut & Tortoise Acetate (or another style if you’d like) you cannot go wrong with these shades!

Beer Caps Map

This Is Why I’m Broke

This is seriously the coolest woodwork type gift I’ve ever seen! If you are a beer lover and like to hit the road and try beer from all over, this is a cool project you can work on! Just fill the map with beer caps from breweries you’ve visited and beer you’ve drank!

Wooden Watch
– RustiClub

Made by Apache Pine, this hand-made bamboo wood watch is absolutely beautiful.

Culvery Serving Set


Made out of Sheesham wood and aluminum, this awesome culvery set will look elegant and fabulous on your dining room table.

Sexy Walnut Face iPhone Clock Dock


Don’t have an alarm clock? But have a smartphone? No problem! The CDock allows you to slide your phone into the interface and use it as an alarm clock next to your bed. Not to mention the style and wood selection is absolutely stunning.

The Human Bike
– Jan Gunneweg

“A piece of design inspired by man. The two wooden spokes (legs) provide a nice dramatic effect while cycling.” This was the inspiration behind Jan Gunneweg’s Human Bike design. This wooden bike is definitely a sight to see and I’m sure, to ride.

Teak Shower Bench
 – My Teak Shower Bench

Teak is gaining popularity as a material for shower & bath furniture because of its water-resistant properties. We just love the love of this teak shower bench from MyTeakShowerBench.com.

Wooden Wire Wrap
– Tomoni

“Wire is in my way. Wire management tool for cables.” The wire wraps from Tomoni are made out of scrap wood from their custom furniture. There are various wood options available and they will help you keep your wires clean and out of a tangle.

Wooden Stapler
– Alexcious

Nothing says industrial like a cool wooden stapler to place on your desk. “Naturally, the timber will acquire a patina with time and use making it even more attractive, but from the get-go this baby is beautiful!”

Unfinished Ampersand Sign
– TyingTheKnotForever

Calling all wood lovers, word lovers, and anyone in between. There is something so incredibly attractive about mounting a large ampersand to your wall. These ampersand signs are absolutely gorgeous and will compliment any decor!

Walnut Original iPhone Speakers – Koostik

These wooden speakers from Koostik will give you a phone sound experience like never before. The “new sound channeling provides additional volume and enhanced stereo effect.” The evolutionary design and refinement will leave you feeling completely satisfied with this purchase.

Portable Wireless Keyboard
– Orée

This super popular keyboard is made out of a single piece of either premium maple or walnut wood. It’s bluetooth capable and can connect with up to 5 devices simultaneously. You can customize and tailor the keyboard to your wants and needs.

Clothes Pin USB
– USB Custom Flash Drives

This super clever USB is also a clothes pin and can be hooked to your pocket, shirt, or backpack for safe-keeping, Genius!

Mixtape Coffee Table
– Jeff Skierka Designs

This coffee table is so dope and it made out of “high-grade Baltic Birch Plywood with Maple Veneer, solid American Walnut ‘tape’ throughout, and a hand-rubbed oil finish.” It was made just in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cassette tape (December 1962).

Art of Manliness Beard Comb
– Skeggox

This beard come is the epitome of what it means to be a manly man in a man’s world! The Skeggox comb even comes with a dust bag and has a tiny ax etched into the woodwork. Lumberjacks flock. This comb was designed for you.

Folk Art Deer Head
 – Roost

If you haven’t seen enough wooden hipster items, here is another one to add to the list! These trophy heads are “hand carved” and they will add the perfect touch to many different room themes.

Hawaiian Koa Ring
– Touch Wood Rings

This is one of the most stunning pieces of wooden jewelry we have ever seen. This is a “Hawaiian Koa wood ring with a three tone juniper heartwood braided inlay.” These rings are handmade by British Columbia artist and craftsman David Finch.

Wood Bowtie
– WoodThumb

If you want to sport the coolest bowtie in town, this wooden one from Woodthumb is the perfect choice. They are made from reclaimed redwood that has been salvaged from old Northern California homes. “Endlessly classy without being too refined.”

Wooden Wallet
– SlimTimber

The wooden wallet from SlimTimber is simply a modern and contemporary piece of art and we love it! Designed to streamline your pocket and hand crafted from solid wood, it will do just that!

Wooden Coffee Scoop
– Brush Factory

“Scoop, there it is.” — This coffee scoop, made from Maple wood, is both sleek and rustic. I don’t know, but something tells me it’ll make that cup of coffee taste ten times better.

Phrase Drink Coasters
– Manifesto

And what better to set that great cup of coffee on than a super awesome reclaimed wooden coaster? These coasters will give you the positive start to your day that you need with the motivational phrases to ponder on.

Walnut Monitor Stand
– Grovemade

Give your PC or Mac a little extra style with this walnut monitor stand. It’s sleek and modern and absolutely beautiful! Not only does it look great, it also helps your posture and bring your monitor to true eye level.

Mango Wood Tea Drawer
– MOA Design

Last but not least is this incredible tea drawer made from mango wood. The three drawers pull open and help give you a unique place to store your tea and other favorite mix in beverages.

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